These are the various ways that we spend our time and money on at the Renderlab

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RenderMans 1971 Dodge Demon restoration project

802.11b Wardriving in Edmonton, Alberta

Presentation materials archive

New Zealand Netbus lawsuit

Lockpicking resources

Teddy-Net, the WiFi Teddy Bear Project

Linksys WRT54G How-To's and Hacks

Linksys WPG11 Hacking

WPA-PSK lookup tables for Cowpatty and Aircrack-ng

Bluetooth enabled Shoe Phone ala Get Smart

Sneaky Bastard, a rogue AP in a UPS case

EL Wire enhanced coat, a method of con attention whoring with blinky illuminated wire

Kismet Newcore tips tricks and drones

WPA2-Enterprise how-to guide, mirrrored with permission from

Creepy uOLED enhanced Goggles and LED enhanced respirator worn at Defcon 19

Screen faithful reproduction of the Castor / Zuse cane from Tron:Legacy

Customized kilt with MOLLE / PALS webbing for gear attachment

Hacking NextGen Air Traffic Control and ADS-B

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