Hacking the Linksys WPG11

Thanks to the kind donation of fregniacciaro from the NS forums I have a Linksys WPG11 Wireless presentation gateway. An odd device from linkys. It's basically a device to stream a presentation from a wi-fi computer to the devices VGA out over wireless.

As usual, the first thing that happens to new tech in the Renderlab is that the warrenty is violated and it's taken down to it's bare parts. This page will chronical my efforts at turning this device into something more multi-purpose than a presentation gateway.

To date I am the first person to try hacking these devices. Wish me luck

Internal board info:

Board type: Acrosser AR-B9641 V1.1 Embedded Board Computer

Wifi card: Gentek WL-350F Mini-PCI card


WPG11 Gallery

Port Scan:

9 [discard] Discard
13 [daytime] Daytime
23 [telnet] Telnet
37 [time] Time
80 [http] World Wide Web HTTP

Port 80 is: thttpd/2.22beta4 14nov2001

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