My interest in lockpicking came about after seeing the lockpicking demo at H2K2. It was very intriguing to see exactly how easy it was and how simple the principal behind it is. Most people think it is some sort of black art. It's not

I constructed my first set of picks from brick strap after returning from H2K2. I've been hooked ever since. This page will house the random bits I've collected related to lockpicking, along with useful info for other lockpickers. If you think I should add something, please let em know at render AT renderlab DOT net

I'm also the President of the local chapter of Locksport international. We hold regular meetings in the Edmonton area to discuss, evaluate and pick locks. I highly recommend checking out thier site for more information on groups in your area.

Brain dump about my experiences at the DC11 lockpicking contest

Braindump of my experiences at the DC12 Lockpicking contest

Toool's videos of the presentations from H2K, H2K2 and the CCC Conference in Berlin - Worth the watch if you have the time/bandwidth. Funny too!

The Defcon Archives - Some interesting video from past years, might I suggest Laz's talk from DC 10

MIT lockpicking guide - Best beginners guide to the theory of lockpicking

Steel Bolt Hacking - Great book on the basics of Lockpicking. Highly recommended starting point

Toool 'Bumping locks' whitepaper about the 'Bump key' or '999' key method of opening locks - An interesting technique

A highly detailed explaination of Safes, Safe locks and Combination locks in general by Matt Blaze. Fantastic read for anyone wanting to know more about safes and safecracking.

An overview of safes and safecracking over the last couple hundred years. An interesting read

BoingBoing.net Link farm of how to open a Kryptonite tubular bike lock with a BIC pen (poor mans tubular pin lock basically)

High resolution pick tool scan with scale - I am often asked for a scan of my tools with a scale so others can make thier own. This is a 93K scan of all my tools with mm rulers on the sides

A note to Law enforcement: I know that my site is crawled regularly by various Canadian, American, and international law enforcement agencies. I know that you now know I am an amature lock pick and posses these tools. These are for recreational use. Locks are a puzzle, a mental and dexterity exercise. I only pick locks that I have bought, been given, or have permission to pick. If I'm out behind a radio shack at 3am picking the back door, please bust my ass. If I'm not and am not commiting any crime, I would hope you would realize that my picks are sporting equipment and not hassle me over them. I am aware that possession is a crime, but almost anything can be used as a pick. The old womens hairpin trick does work, does that mean that hairpins should be illegal? My first set was just brick strap, hand filed down into specific and well know shapes. Is brickstrap illegal? I am convinced that locksmiths pushed through many of these laws because they wanted to maintain thier hold on the ability to open locks without a key and charge huge amounts to stranded people. A spare key under the doormat is a dumb idea, but a pick under the mat so you can pick your own lock in 15 minutes is a good idea. A burglar would'nt risk the exposure of 15 minutes in the open, so hand picking locks is only useful to those with a need to do so.

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