ADS-B and Next Generation Air Traffic Control Research

This is a clearinghouse for my reseach on the topic of ADS-B and NextGen Air Traffic Control.

Presentation Slides:

Defcon 20 Slides:PDF, Scribd

Hackfest 2014 Slides:PDF


Video of ADS-B Injection from FlightGear into a 'real world' ADS-B reciever:Local File, Youtube

Defcon 20 Presentation Video:Youtube

Hackfest 2014 Presentation Video:Youtube


This Zip file is an archive of interesting documents I've found in my research, but by no means is it exhaustive of everything I've ever read on the topic. These were things that were interesting enough to keep a copy of.

I am sharing this with the intention that others can look at the same documents I have and reach their own conclusion and provide their own insights. The scientific method teaches us reproducability, so here is a chance for those that disagree with my conclusion, and just plain haters, to participate in the research.

These documents are barely sorted, with some in the 'interesting' folder or 'very interesting' folder. Eventually I'd like to annotate and index everything, but for now, this will have to do. As I collect more, the archive will be updated and the date changed.

ADS-B Documents archive - 8-3-2015 - 207MB

ADS-B Watchlist - 6-4-2020 - A quick and dirty parse of FAA records for various law enforcement, US State agencies, and known surveillance drones. Useful for knowing what may be overhead looking at you doing, whatever it is you are doing

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