Home of various rants about whatever happens to be pissing off the folks at the Renderlab at the moment

A reply to Valsmith on the topic of Stunt Hacking - 9/26/15

A mental dump about depression, self harm, suicidial ideation, the hacker family and the events of Derbycon 4

8 page PDF essay of things that I think need improvement at Defcon for DC20, meant to spur discussion on the Defcon Forums

Recap of seven months of travel, work and loss at the RenderLab - 6/30/11

Microsoft hassles kid for registering mikerowesoft.com, but misses the obvious - 1/23/04 - RenderMan

Legitimate spy 'product' used as a trojan. I predicted this 3 years ago - 7/21/03 - RenderMan

NAI gets DoS'd by Bugtraq users. Even the best make mistakes - RenderMan

Serbian badman trojan media stupidity, written in realtime while the media was writing the stories - RenderMan

AntiAV's goal statement - RenderMan

Original Antiav Case against the AntiVirus Industry - RenderMan

Reform the Anti-Virus industry (Originally an editorial on Hackernews) - RenderMan

How the Anti-Virus really works (Originally an editorial on Hackernews) - RenderMan

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