Our position and Goal:

Over the last few years, the scope of the world has changed. With the proliferation of the internet, and the increased penetration of computers into our daily lives, viruii, trojans, and their breathern have more of an impact on the daily life of people. One need only look at the win95.CIH virus to prove that by the number of PC's that were infected, and the infamous Mellisa Macro virus that spread faster and deeper than ever before. Stories like this definatly make the case for using Anti-Virus software, however the power that the industry weilds over what software is listed, and what is not, is far too much for these companies to have, and steps need to be taken to bring responsibility to the AV industustry in order to protect software writers creativity from market abuses. Don't get us wrong, we are not Pro-Virus. Far from it. What we are supporting is virus scanning that uses a blind eye to who is writing the code in question, or to any reputation the product, or it's creators may have, and just look at what the program does, and list it accordingly based on it's actions, not any flimsy grudge.

This site will be dedicated to correcting what we see as abuses by a very important industry: The Anti-Virus industry. What we hope to do is to create a forum for ourselves and others to state our case against the Anti-Virus Industry's abuses of their positon and hopefully effect a change.

I (RenderMan) am no expert on virii, I just find them facinating. I also know when I see something happening that is morally wrong, and the story surrounding Netbus is just that. I have since put my effort here to dispel myths about virii, and how the media hypes the viral buzzword, confusing everyone, and creating an environment where anything labeled a virus is automatically derided and feared, even without any justification.

This is a moral battle, and that is my expertise. I'm by no means a prude (far from it actually, check here to see my 'other' car). On a low level, everyone knows when something is very wrong. But apathy has made most of us learn to have a thick skin, and to ignore when we see something very wrong happening, rather than doing something to stop it. Hopefully, with grassroots efforts like this and others, society will improve a bit, and start being a little more decent to itself.

Large companies are slowly taking over our daily lives and dictating actions. It's time to take a stand, this site is my stand.

P.S. Yes, I know that my spelling sucks. I edit all pages on the server with a plain jane text editor. I refuse to use more, because then it is no longer my thoughts on the page. It is the machine's corrected, re-grammared, and re-processed version of it. This is me, and the way I am. Deal with it.

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