Title: World Wide Wardrive Week 2002: Debriefing

Well, the 31st has come and gone and the wardrive went very well.

For the drive we had 3 stumblers and 3 cars, all with external antennas and thier own rigs. jjkaczor, Gish and myself from the Netstumbler forums made up the team. Both Gish and jjkaczor brought some associates who were interested in stumbling along as co-pilots.

My thanks to everyone who participated, and to the local media at RDTV for a report that did'nt paint us as the spawn of satan (though some of us were dressed like it :)

The Results:

There were no specific rules (or any for that matter) for what could count in the days stumble. jjkaczor had a bout of insomnia nad went out very early and scanned much of Calgary's downtown while it slept. Some amazing results. Teh rest of us also scanned on the way down

Total for the day:
AP's: 499
WEP nodes: 172
Default AP's: 172
% Open: 65%


Here's the total map of the days stumbling

Detailed map of Red-deer

Detailed map of Calgary


City of Red-Deer sign - The tagline on the sign says "nuclear free zone", not a wi-fi free zone though.

Pic of the groups vehicles - It was easy to tell the wardriving vehicles, we all had the same fab-corp antennas sticking up on our roofs

Pic of the groups vehicles, reverse angle - Another shot of the vehicles

The original planning page is up here for posterity

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