Worldwide Wardrive v2.0 : Alberta

WWWD2 Aftermath

I admit I was lazy. I finished my last outing for the WWWD2 on Nov2. Shortly afterwards I went to Vegas for Comdex, completely ignoring the need to generate maps of my runs. My bad. Exhaustion and home renovations and the general lack of stumbling friendly weather sucked alot of my energy.

Here are the stats and maps for Edmonton and Calgary

Sherwood park detail
St. Albert Detail
Calgary Detail


After the fun and success of the last Wardrive, Everyone was asking when the next one was. After some discussion with Chris, we agreed on October 26th to November 2nd for the next one. This covers Halloween of course so we're goin going out to redefine 'trick-or-treat' :)

The Alberta contribution will be sizable this time around. We covered Red-deer in the last one, and Edmonton and Calgary are constantly being added to but not in a co-ordinated fashion. The distance between population centers in Alberta makes runs like the Orange county drive alot harder because for them, the towns are almost ontop of each other.

My proposal this time around is to focus on the surrounding communities. There are alot of smaller suburbs and other communities in Alberta that have not been scanned yet. Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood park, Spruce Grove, and Leduc come to mind in the Edmonton area and Airdie in the Calgary area.

Edmonton Aftermath

Well, I showed up, no-one else did. There was an auction at a defunct computer retailer the same day so I think everyone ended up over there. So I drove St Albert and Sherwood park myself. 5 hours later and a half tank of gas I added 122 new Access points to my master list of Edmonton. I will be driving more this week to cover missed territory. Drop me a line if you want to join me


Where: The Bar at Montanas Cookhouse at Sherwood park mall, 2020 Sherwood Dr
When: 1pm, Saturday, October 26th
Who: Any wardrivers or just plain curious people

GPS: (approx) 53.53138 North, 113.29458 West - A Map for the truely lost

Look for the Red Chrysler Van with the Penguin on the roof (You'll know me when you see me).

The plan from there is to decide as a group how we want to divide up Sherwood park, North Edmonton, and St. Albert. Hopefully finishing at Sodajerks in St.Albert,(570 St. Albert Road) for dinner and data trade unless we make up a better plan on the day of.

Please Email if your interested in joining us so I know how many people we have.

Calgary Aftermath

Once again, no-one else showed up (Is anyone out there?), so I went around myself. 8 Hours later, a tank of gas and a lot of miles, I collected 642 access points in the Calgary area. I'll be posting maps shortly. I drove for a total of 14 hours on Saturday and I'm completly exhausted.


As for Calgary, I've decided to orginize that one myself as well.

Where: Chinook Center Mall, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, Outside the Theaters
When: 12:30 pm, Saturday, November 2nd
Who: Any Wardrivers, wireless enthusiests and curious people

GPS: (Approx) 50.99664 North, 114.07321 West A Map for those who need it

Look for the Red Chrysler Van with the Penguin on the roof (You'll know me when you see me).

The plan is to meet up, then divide up the city, drive for a couple hours, meet up and see if there's any territory left to cover, possible drive some more, then meet up for Dinner in the mall afterwards at a place and time to be determined.

Please Email if your interested in joining us so I know how many people we have.

Details of the last Worldwide Wardrive Event are available here

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