ICE conference presentation

On October 20th, I gave a presentation to the attendees of the CIPS ICEconference about my Wardriving results from the Edmonton Alberta area. Apparently they liked my previous presentation and asked me to speak again.

Once again I sought the assitance of the assembled members of the Netstumbler Forums to help create and edit the presentation. As before since the community helped build it, I'm giving it back to them.

This presentation CAN be used, altered, folded, spindled, and mutilated to your hearts content for your own presentations, I just ask that you credit Renderman and this site for it's use. It's maily meant to be used as inspiration for your own presentations. I also ask that you let me know where and when you are using my material, just for my own curiosity.

Powerpoint slides from presentation

As previously I made up about 30 CD's to hand out with my assembled collection of software, maps, and documents related to wardriving. These lasted about 2 minutes once I started handing them out. Many left empty handed, however all the tools on that CD are available at Michigan Wireless.

In the interests of full disclosure, it should be said that I was paid for my speech that day. I recieved a cheque for $250, which I promptly donated to and Netstumbler. The remaining $50 covered the cost of the CD's I gave away and my parking for the conference. I did this because I have always said that If I made any money from wardriving, I'd donate to Netstumbler since it is beggaware, and I had also promised the guys at Wigle that I'd send them a donation since they run such a great service and were the source for many of my statistics.

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