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For a presentation I gave on FEB 20th 2003 about wardriving, I enlisted the help of many great folks on the Netstumbler Message board. They helped create and edit the powerpoint presentation and to suggest the creation of a CD to hand out. I had promised to give my presentation back to to the community. Well, Here it is:

CIPS Presentation - Slide #12 was deleted since it has SSID's and decernable locations on the maps. Just covering my ass

This presentation CAN be used, altered, folded, spindled, and mutilated to your hearts content for your own presentations, I just ask that you credit Renderman and this site for it's use. It's maily meant to be used as inspiration for your own presentations.

Presentation CD Contents:
/docs/Stumbler Ethics.htm
/docs/openlans.pdf - Pete Shipleys Defcon 9 presentation
/docs/rc4_ksaproc.pdf - RC4 break whitepaper
/docs/wep_attack.pdf - AT&T Labs Technical Report TD-4ZCPZZ, breaking WEP whitepaper
/docs/Wireless_LAN_Analysis.pdf - WildPacket’s Guide to Wireless LAN Analysis
/docs/unsafew.pdf - Unsafe at any key size: An analysis of the WEP encapsulation
/docs/tutorial.pdf - A technical tutorial on 802.11 protocol
/maps/ An assortment of maps from local areas and WWWD's

The CD won't be available for download, but you can build it easily enough for yourself and your audience. If you have questions Just ask

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