Media Appearances

Occasionally I find myself or one of my projects getting some media attention. Sometimes this is planned, other times it's just picked up by a wayward or bored reporter.

I've been accused of being a media whore, and I have to admit a certain amount of glee at the attention. In general, I have a great distain for the media and thier biases. However the media are a nessecary evil. I would prefer to talk to the media and give them answers and facts that I know are right and that they can't skew to make Hackers look bad, as opposed to someone else who does not hold the communities perception as a concern. So far it's proven fairly effective. Besides, shameless self promotion can be fun.

Please note that some links may be dead or broken as I have no control over media outlets moving content or erasing old stories. When I can, I'll make local mirrors but even then it's not perfect.

Global News regarding the future of online policing, December 28, 2016 - Local Mirror

FBI Private Industry Notification (PIN) Regarding RenderMan and Chris Roberts work on airplanes and ATC systems - April 20, 2015 article on the strange theories about the dissapearance of flight MH370 - Local Mirror

Edmonton Journal coverage of my analysis of the Shaw public Wifi initiative, January 17, 2012 - Local Mirror

Edmonton Journal brief comments on civic E-Voting initiative, December 12, 2011 - Local Mirror

Unlimited Magazine interview about hacking, lulzsec and Anonymous, August 2011 - Local Mirror

Macleans Magazine interview about lulzsec and Anonymous, June 2011 - Local Mirror

Global Edmonton TV news Troubleshooter piece on dangers of geotagged photo's, February 28, 2011

- Local Mirror

Help Net Security blog interview, October 2010 - An interview I did with help net security on my 'Seven Deadliest Wireless TEchnologies Attacks' book.

Edmontonians Magazine, December 2009 - Personal profile of RenderMan (PDF, Page 11) - Local Copy

Computer World, Norway, February 23, 2009. Norwegian language interview about E-voting. Local cache - Page 1, Local cache - Page 2, English local cache - Page 1, English local cache - Page 2

Pauldotcom Security Weekly, September 4, 2008. Interview with RenderMan, Thorn and theprez98 about Kismet Hacking

Globe and Mail TQ Magazine - Summer 2008. Cover profile of RenderMan in a national newspapers IT magazine insert. Backup Link

Network world video report about The Last HOPE RFID badges including about 2.5 minutes of RenderMan's talk - 7/20/08 - Video removed 01/09

Cnet news artice about RenderMan's "Pwn Thee" talk at The Last HOPE - 7/20/08 podcast for Season 3, Episode 8 - Interview with RenderMan at Shmoocon 2008

Alberta Venture Magazine, December, 2007 - Feature article about RenderMan and wireless security - Local mirror

Pauldotcom Security Weekly, April 28, 2007 - Audio Link

Edmonton Sun newspaper, December 20th 2005 - Article about wireless security, unfortunatly titled 'RenderMan to the rescue'

Ed Magazine, August 13th 2005 - Article about 'borrowing wifi' with quotes from RenderMan indicating it's illegality - Local Mirror:Page 1 - Page 2

Reuters (and elsewhere), August 5th 2005 - Article about the DC13 wardriving contests with RenderMan and Panthera quotes, July 31th 2005 - Article about DC13, Mentioning me in the lockpick contest, July 30th 2005 - Article about DC13, featuring the Warpack

Network World Fusion Magazine, November 10th, 2004 - Article about lockpicking featuring a few quotes from Renderman about the DC lockpick contest

Watchguard Newswire August 24th, 2004 - Article about the Defcon 12 Running Man competition featuring Renderman and Deviant and the Warpack. Also picked up by Slashdot

Las Vegas City Life - August 4th, 2004 - Renderman is mentioned in the cover story as "the notorious Canadian hacker known for his black fedora hat and his zoot suits". - Local Mirror

Edmonton Sun - April 15th - Renderman interviewed about the downing of an Edmonton Police Association message board

CBC Radio, March 11th 2003 - The Current - Freakishly early (6am) interview with host in Toronto about wardriving and the CSIS docs

CBC Radio - Edmonton, Alberta - Afternoon radio interview 2/24/03 about the CSIS Docs

Edmonton Sun - Local angle about Renderman being the subject of a CSIS Intelligence Brief

Edmonton Journal & Canadian Newswire - CSIS fears wireless trackers - RenderMan and JJKaczor find out that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) were keeping an eye on the First Worldwide Wardrive - Scan of the print article

Speaking engagement about wardriving - Renderman gave a talk to the local CIPS Compsec group about wardriving on Feb 20th, 2003. Presentation materials are in the Presentations section - Local Mirror of Summary

'Ed' Magazine (Edmonton Journal) - Local interest magazine makes Renderman out to be a cartoon character - Cover Scan - Story Scan

Global News, Edmonton Alberta - RenderMan talking to a local TV crew in a VERY good piece on wardriving Edmonton (Video coming soon)

Profit Magazine - RenderMan doing a good deed wardriving - Scan of the print article

The Register - Renewing for symantec when they forgot the bill

Wired Magazine Online - Converting a Diamond RIO MP3 player into a Red-Box - Local Mirror

Hacker News Network - Reform the Anti-Virus industry (local mirror, HNN is now defunct)

Hacker News Network - How the Anti-Virus industry works (local mirror, HNN is now defunct)

As well, various articles and documents have been reprinted or linked to elsewhere. Feel free to copy/link to any of my files/docs, just credit them back to myself and this site.

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