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Deviant's DCX Archive - You may recall Deviant from H2K2, well we spent much of the con together. He was kind enough to let me and my lady friends use his room for gear stashing and hanging out. His archive covers things alot better than mine, many of the things he did, I was also at.

CHS's Vinyl Vanna Archive and CHS's Hacker Jeopardy Archive - The highlight for may DCX attendees (including myself) was this years 'Vinyl Vanna' for Hacker Jeopardy. The pictures are self-explanitory

Warning, the following may get explicit, but everyone wants more of Vanna :)'s archive page 18 and page 19.


Alot fewer memories this con as compared to H2K2. Do you think that the 2 garbage pails full of Ice, Beer, Vodka and Jim Beam had anything to do with it?

1 - Deviant, myself and my lady friends went to a near by radioshack to get a universal remote so we could screw with his in-room TV. While there Deviant noticed a woman talking to the clerk wanting an odd cord for her Nokia phone. After a little inquiring, he found out that she needed a cable to record harrassing phone calls from her cell. No-one in town carried the cord she needed, so Deviant voulenteered to help her mentioning the Hacker conference going on and spent most of the Friday afternoon trying to hack a cable together. Unfortunatly Nokia uses some funky reverse polarity on it's plugs and he was'nt able to help her, but I think he left a very good impression of Hackers and I was quite impressed with him.

2 -After We picked up the universal remote and had hacked the TV channels and generated a nice word doc on how to do it, complete with pictures, Deviant, Myself and the Woman we were helping above, took a trip to a nearby Kinko's to have it printed (gotta spread the knowledge:). While waiting for the copies to be made, I wandered around since I'd never been to a Kinkos before. Looking on the wall was a framed sign talking about Kinkos policy on copyright infringement. The little devil inside me crept up. I pulled the sign off the wall and promptly asked the attendant if I could get a copy of the copyright notice (see where I'm going). After some humming and hawwing, the clerk asked a manager who said 'no, that's our sigh, we can't copy that" and put it down behind the counter. I could'nt even copy the copyright policy so that I'd know what I could copy under the copyright policy. What a screwed up place.

3 - During the intermissions of Hacker Jeopardy they were giving out prizes to the crowd for answering questions Jeopardy style. I won twice. The first was for the question 'He wrote Hackers: Hereo's of the computer revolution'. The answer was Steven Levy (one of my favorite authors whom I'd met in NY). I walked away with an old Sparc station IPX with Solaris 7 (If anyone knows where I can get the perhipherals for this thing, please mail me.

The second question I answered was 'This prison is where Mitnick spent most of his time while incarcerated'. The answer was the Metropolitan Detention Center. For that I won an old Intergraph workstation that weighed a freaking ton. Both boxes made it home intact and I'm just looking for parts to get the sparc station running.

From my Wardriving contest writeup - How I ended up with a CSIS agent in the back seat during the wardriving contest

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