Wardriving Vegas

Defcon X was a total blast. It was my fourth Defcon and my 6th con all together. The thing that really made this con special was the Wardriving contest. The first annual contest was the brainchild of Blackwave and Chris from the Netstumbler and Defcon forums. They did an incredable job on such a short timetable.

My team was setup sort of Ad-Hoc. I did'nt have a team and I found 2 other guys with no team and finally a female stumbler with a huge bag of stumbling gear that later turned out to be property of CSIS (Canadian CIA) since she worked for them and was desgning a wireless auditing toolkit.

Warlord drove his motorbike around and a gentleman from Sweden drove his rental car through summerlin (rich area of vegas) that he stumbled before the contest and knew where they hotspots were

Myself and the CSIS agent drove around in my 98 Grand Prix that fortunatly has 3 cigarette lighters but a Canadian airconditioner that could not keep up with the +40 temperatures and beating sun. I was really freaking hot. All the windows down and driving like a madman to get the wind moving. It was amusing to be on a wardriving contest in vegas with the windows down, a 5db mag mount antenna on the roof and a 10db omni out the window while listening to the classic Judas Priest song 'Breaking the law'.

Anyways, we got back and exported our data to floppy and then to my laptop for submission for judging. We had problems because Warlord used Kismet and the Kismet to Wi-scan converter really badly munged the data. We submitted the data in 2 seperate files, one was the NS export and the other was the Kismet export. Well, but were uploaded as team-borg-1.txt and team-borg-2.txt. After confirming with Chris and Shipley who were running the scoring that in fact they were both for the same team, I awaited the results

At the closing they announced the winners and the numbers of Access points the 5th, 4th and 3rd winners were getting were lower than what we had, just in our NS export. We thought we had a chance, but they never called us. Later after I got home I checked the rankings and found that our team got 0 points. I ran Shipleys scoring script against the copy of the export still on my laptop and found that even if every one of our AP's was detected by someone else, just the points from the volume of AP's and the high number of default ones would have landed us at least second. I've tried contacting Shipley but he has not responded. I'm not angry, I just want an admission that my team kicked come ass. I don't care about prizes, I just want some recogition for sweating through the whole thing

Enough yaking, here's the data and maps:

Team Borgs Netstumbler data map of Vegas

I also stumbled along the way from Edmonton to Vegas and back. Something went wierd once we got across the border and I did'nt get any data, but I did on eht way back.

Stumble from Edmonton to Vegas and Back

AP's: 334
WEP node: 50
Default: 144
% Open: 85%

Travel to and from Vegas:
AP's: 268
WEP node: 52
Default: 56
% Open: 81%
KM traveled: Approx, 5000

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