WorldWide Wardrive 4 - June 12 - 19, 2004


WWWD4 is over, thank you for playing.

Well the WWWD is over for this year and Alberta was once again pretty much done by myself. If you did do some wardriving in Alberta between the 12th and 19th, please submit your data to myself (render AT renderlab DOR net) or submit it to

Edmonton Metro Stats:WWWD4

Total APs found6487100%
APs with WEP enabled244837.74%
APs without WEP enabled403962.26%
APs with a Default SSID209332.26%
APs with a Default SSID and no WEP enabled176927.27%


Total map for Edmonton
Total map for Leduc


Has it been a year already? I'm sure CSIS wishes it was'nt.

Lifted from the WWWD main site:

"The WorldWide WarDrive is an effort by security professionals and hobbyists to generate awareness of the need by individual users and companies to secure their access points. The goal of the WorldWide WarDrive (or WWWD) is to provide a statistical analysis of the many access points that are currently deployed.

We feel that many end users are not aware that the factory or "default" settings on Access Points do not take any security measures into account. By providing these statistics we hope that end users will become aware of the need to take simple measures to secure their access points.

The WWWD provides a snapshot of the security posture of currently deployed wireless access points throughout the world. During the Third WorldWide WarDrive, which took place in July 2003, over 88,000 unique access points were discovered worldwide. The statistics compiled for the WWWD have become the defacto standard for statistics used by many media outlets and wireless security vendors to further generate public awareness of wireless security issues."

Alberta will once again be contributing to this effort as we have since the first WWWD


There are no requirements for participation. Even if you have no clue about anything wireless, come out anyways, you'll be educated by the end, I guarentee. We have need for navigators, drivers, just even someone to talk to is nice. You don't need to have any of the gear to participate

If you are in the wireless business or have access to gear suitable for wardriving and would like to sponsor/donate, please mail render [AT] renderlab [DOT] net. Credit will be given and any support from the community is greatly appreciated.


Unlike past years, we now have a forum for planning the drive, rather than email. Sign up at and go into the Canada section. Updates and discussion will take place there, with the results of that discussion updated here

The general plan for the drive (provided a number of people express an interest) is to scan some of the outlying communities around the Capital region (Stony plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, etc) as well as as much of Edmonton as possible. However, given the amount of orginizing this event really has (read: minimal) plans may change on the day on a whim

So far no-one in the Edmonton area has committed to joining me on a drive. If you are still interested, please drop me an email.

If you are not in the capital region or cannot make it into Edmonton that week, and still wish to contribute, please do! Submit your data to render [AT] renderlab [DOT] net and it will be combined with the rest of Alberta for some local statistics before being submitted to the WWWD master list. There is no reason you should'nt participate if you are'nt near a major drive. Besides, you were going to drive anyways.

Contact - The WWWD forums - For sign up and discussion

render [AT] renderlab [dot] net - Main orginizer - Media contact

Note to the media: You are welcome to come and report on the event. However I request that you ask permission before photographing, videoing or interviewing any participants. Some of them might not like media very much and would prefer to have nothing to do with you.

I would also request that you do some research about wardriving before you arrive so you are informed as to what we are all about. I would suggest starting at the main WWWD site at and specifically the FAQ. If you are looking for a story of people breaking into networks, you won't find it here.

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