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Number of AP's804100%
No WEP47759.32%
Default SSID's22327.73%

So this time, once again, I was the only participant from Alberta. Unfortunatly a month before the drive I had the great idea to rebuild the engine of the Rendervan. It was supposed to be a 2 week project, but has turned into an 8 week oddysee and a big moneypit. I had to borrow vehicles and had to make due with the time I had. As a result, I was able to cover alot of the major areas of Edmonton, including Downtown and a warwalk of the University campus.

Map of WWWD3's total

Pre-drive Planning

Well we're at it again. This is the third edition of the WorldWide Wardrive.
Welcome to the Alberta Contingent orginizing page.


The Third edition of the WorldWide Wardrive. In short, the Worldwide Wardrive is an event that is periodically orginized to do get a snapshot of the state of wireless security around the world at a particular moment. For more info about the WWWD, please check out www.WorldwideWardrive.org


To generate awareness about the severe lack of security in many wireless network installations.


WWWD3 is from 28 June 2003 - 5 July 2003


Anyone who is Wardriving, Has Wardrived, or has an interest in Wardriving or anyone just curious. A Special Invite goes out to people in the employ of CSIS Who seem to think we are dangerous. Dinner is on me if you have proper ID.


The Entire province of Alberta is up for Grabs! Rather than a big group drive as previous WWWD's to cover one city/town, This time you pick your own section of the province. As big or as small an area as you want. You are encouraged to submit your area requests to Render@worldwidewardrive.org for publication here to prevent overlap. However, if you are in an area already to be scanned, feel free to co-ordinate (through me) a group effort for the area to cover the area twice as fast or twice as big.


As a group or individually, scan an area for wireless networks with either Netstumbler or Kismet. At the conclusion of the WWWD, send your data to Render@worldwidewardrive.org where it will be combined with everyone elses to generate the statistics for the province and contributed to the world wide stats to be shown on www.WorldwideWardrive.org site.


Edmonton - RenderMan
Edmonton - Whiverwill
Edmonton - Sinalet
Calgary - JJKaczor

Mail to Render@Worldwidewardrive.org if you plan on driving an area

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