The Renderlab WRT54G Projects

The Linksys WRT54G is an amazing little device. It's a home network gateway with a wireless access point built in. It also happens to run Linux. Since it runs Linux, there is no limit to the amount of tinkering you can do with these things for cheap/free.

This section of the RenderLab will be a clearinghouse for my WRT54G based projects.

WRT54G Kismet Drone How-To V0.3.2

This guide was written to get people to stop asking 'How do I use a WRT54G to wardrive' on the Netstumbler forums. I'm just attempting to pull together all the necessary information to run the kismet drone on the WRT54G router that is spread around the web. Citations of resources are at the bottom of this guide.

This guide assumes you have a working Kismet V2005-08-R1 install somewhere, basic networking knowledge and linux knowledge and a Linksys WRT54G router.

This guide covers different hacked firmwares:
Guide for the the use of Sveasoft Samadhi2 - v2.00.8.6sv Firmware (no longer maintained)
Guide for the use of OpenWRT Firmware
Spanish translation of the OpenWRT firmware guide
Install notes for Sveasoft Alchemy firmware
Hardware notes and tidbits
Misc. Impressions/Conclusions/errata

If your truely in a rush or you just want a faster way, you can try my auto-drone script (warning, very rough script, use at own peril!):

Auto-drone install script

Kismet on Windows How-To guide V0.3

This guide is to help people install and configure Kismet on Windows Under Cygwin. It's long been known how to be done, but there is almost nothing for a decent guide. The advantages are that you do not need to boot into Linux to use Kismet (especially useful for system monitoring stations) and the ability to use the best-of-both-worlds by being able to run Netstumbler (with a separate source) at the same time (very useful for site surveys and installation testing.

This guide was tested with the Cygwin v1.5.18-1 release from July 2nd 2005 and Kismet release 2005-08-R1. Using other versions, your mileage may vary. Please send changes or bug reports for other versions. This package is no longer being maintained until Kismet-Newcore is released.

Kismet on Windows How-To V0.3

For those not wanting to go the manual route, Kiswin32 is available. Kiswin32 is a pre-packaged setup for those wanting a canned Kismet-on-Windows install. GPS support and scripted configuration included. Many thanks to Joshua Wright for some of the heavy lifting.

Kiswin32 package V0.1 info

Kiswin32 Windows Installer V0.1

This package is no longer being maintained in anticipation of Kismet-Newcore, however Cacetech, the makers of the Airpcap Wireless capture device for windows have an updated and very nice package of Kismet for windows. It works with drones, as well as thier own adapter. It's BSD license and is very easy to install/use (Note: RenderMan was involved on beta testing and is not a part of the company).

Cacetech Downloads

GPSD 2.30 on Cygwin/Windows Guide V0.1

Since writing the Kismet on Windows guide, it has been a goal to get GPSD working as well to allow for a total wardriving package of Kismet under Windows.

This guide is still in Beta and was tested with Cygwin v1.5.18-1 release from July 2nd, 2005. If you find any problems, errors or omissions, please mail render (AT) renderlab (DOT) net

GPSD on Cygwin/Windows How-To v0.1

WRT54G Spoof AP How-To guide V0.2

At Defcon 13, My wardriving team and I went a different tack than most teams in the past. If we were going to compete, we were going to play hardball and activly attack the other teams while we were doing the contest. One of the things we came up with was using the WRT54G as a small, mobile spoofed target AP. Basically, how to create an embedded 'evil twin' AP (I hate that term)

WRT54G Spoof AP guide V0.2

A big thanks go out to Thorn and Kiss2000 of the NS forums for thier kind donation of WRT54G's (a v4 and a v1.1 respectivly) to the Renderlab so that we can troubleshoot different revisions. Thanks guys!

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