Defcon 16

This was my first conference giving 2 talks. The first was my "How Do I Pwn Thee? Let Me Count The Ways". Slightly updated from my HOPE presentation but the same content.

A HUGE thanks to Rob T. Firefly for the "Bob" illustrations, they really helped tell the story and he came through in record time.

OPT (Open Office) version of the slides (Unzip into a directory to have videos stay embedded)

The second talk was a new attempt at inciting ideas in others. "10 things that are pissing me off, and what we can do about it". Due to schedualing and capcity issues, my talk got bumped from a 2000 seat room, to a 50 seat room. Sadly most people did'nt get to see it, however a reporter in the audience agreed to video the talk and youtube it for me. Thanks Amanda!

This presentation CAN be used, altered, folded, spindled, and mutilated to your hearts content for your own presentations, I just ask that you credit Renderman and this site for it's use. It's maily meant to be used as inspiration for your own presentations. I also ask that you let me know where and when you are using my material, just for my own curiosity.

OPT (Open Office) version of the slides

Youtube video of things 1-5

Youtube video of things 6,7, and 8

Youtube video of things 9 and 10

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