Defcon Permanent Hangout

This is an experiment. No guarantees it will work or truely be a permanent thing. It may turn into Hacker Chatroulette or something aweful, but we wont know until we try

I don't know about the rest of you out there but I think that the Hacker community needs more face time. Defcon and other conferences only allow a few days a year of face time and that's not enough. We are living in the future. Among the many things we have been promised along with flying cars, jetpacks and house cleaning robots has ben Video Phones. Well, we have the capability to do video conferencing, so why the hell are we not doing so?

As an augmentation to the Defcon forums and #DC-Forums IRC channel, I am setting up a 'permanent' Google+ Hangout for people to drop in on and chat with others who are there. It's IRC but with voice and video.

To join, simply goto The Event Page (Sadly, G+ account required) and join the hangout.

This is a bit of a hack by setting up an event for 2 years in the future, you can join VERY early and start chatting. You can leave and rejoin as you please

For the non-conference time, I miss my hacker friends and family. I also tend to brain storm and develop ideas better face to face, bouncing them off others. I assume some other people are like that as well

Keep it civil, keep it friendly. I dont want to have to moderate or make it invite only.

Problems, Questions, Comments? Hit me up at render renderlab net

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