Copyright stuff

Sooner or later, not having something up about copyright would bite me in the ass.

All documents, images, writings and other assorted crap on are property of Renderman and released under Copyleft. You are free to copy, reuse, and distribute any or all of this site as long as the freedom for others to do the same is maintained.

That said, I have no problems if anyone wants to reprint my articles, use my photo's or do anything with my other content. All I ask is that you ask (unless the content states otherwise) for permission and let me know where you will be using it, as well as crediting it back to the original creator (usually Renderman). If at all possible, I'd like a copy or link to where you'll be using it (I'm vain that way). You'll find that I'm very forthcoming with permission since I want information to be as free as possible. Besides it's basic courtesy to ask such things, particularly if your going to be integrating work from this site into a commercial or saleable product, or a presentation.

The whole concept of copyright makes no sense to me. If I publish information, it's because I want people to view it, share it, think about it, spread it. To copyright something puts limits on that. If I did'nt want it to be spread around I would'nt post it.

To quantify, I'm talking about the content, the information, not the articles itself. It's just wrong to take something someone else wrote, slap your name on it and represent it as your own. I'm talking about the spread of information through re-iteration and interpretation. I have no problems with people reporting on what I've found. The NY Times, on the other hand, it's all thiers and lord help you if you want to distribute it beyond thier sphere of influence. You'll never see anything like that here at the Renderlab. Information wants and needs to be free. Because only when everyone is on an equal footing of knowledge can we grow as a society.

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