SSID BSSID (MAC Address) Encryption
170 00:15:70:E0:7A:20 None
170 00:23:68:0E:EA:90 None
170 00:23:68:0E:EE:B0 None
170 00:23:68:0E:F1:D0 None
170 00:23:68:0F:06:D0 None
170 00:23:68:0F:0D:80 None
170 00:23:68:0E:F0:50 None
170 00:23:68:0F:0D:C0 None
Sephora Free WiFi 00:24:6C:66:34:40 None
Sephora Free WiFi 00:24:6C:66:36:00 None
Sephora Free WiFi D8:C7:C8:DB:98:62 None
2WIRE294 00:23:51:C5:79:E1 None
2WIRE373 00:19:E4:D3:B8:99 None
2WIRE534 3C:EA:4F:4A:6F:A9 None
2WIRE647 00:1A:04:FB:A3:91 None
Anthro Guest WiFi 00:23:68:05:43:02 None
Apple Store 58:BC:27:0F:93:90 None
Apple Store 58:BC:27:5C:43:B0 None
Apple Store 58:BC:27:12:8E:20 None
Apple Store 58:BC:27:12:AA:A0 None
artemis 00:11:95:75:FF:74 None
Beaden 98:8B:5D:E4:50:0F None
BELL088 34:EF:44:FA:B3:99 None
BELL605 3C:EA:4F:48:46:B1 None
BELLWIFI@MCDONALDS 00:23:68:44:70:70 None
BELLWIFI@MCDONALDS 00:23:68:8C:36:00 None
BrickMobileApp 00:1E:4A:DE:60:F6 None
BrickMobileApp 00:1F:27:55:9F:46 None
BrickMobileApp 00:1F:C9:64:D3:D6 None
BX268 00:1E:E5:F9:44:C7 None
chan international 00:11:95:77:33:24 None
Comex Hobby WEM E8:BE:81:F9:3A:9C None
crepeworks 3C:EA:4F:4A:88:89 None
cscafe 00:1A:04:FB:A4:41 None
DAVIDsTEA - Free Internet 00:22:2D:B4:EE:63 None
DEL SOL 98:8B:5D:F8:9F:15 None
dlink 00:1E:58:89:EC:6E None
dlink 00:26:5A:D0:58:66 None
dlink 1C:AF:F7:D6:AE:99 None
dlink 00:26:5A:CB:83:3B None
dlink 00:26:5A:D0:56:AE None
dlink 1C:AF:F7:D4:C6:2B None
dlink 00:22:B0:D4:F2:DC None
Earls 00:24:6C:90:94:71 None
Earls 00:24:6C:90:A0:B1 None
EPS Internet Only 00:24:6C:0E:34:31 None
FJWEM 00:13:46:A5:0A:58 None
Free-WiFi 06:12:CF:D5:52:99 None
gemoro 00:18:D1:AE:87:9C None
Gigaset558 00:26:91:64:E5:5D None
Gigaset7AB 00:21:04:73:47:B0 None
Gigaset7FF 00:18:D1:A1:B8:04 WEP
Gigaset904 C8:CD:72:CD:F9:09 WEP
Gigaset97C 00:18:D1:58:F9:81 WEP
GigasetB51 E8:BE:81:FA:BB:56 WEP
GigasetC43 E8:BE:81:EE:3C:48 WEP
GigasetF47 00:18:D1:58:CF:4C WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:06:67:29 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0A:88:E9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:32:89 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:38:B9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:3A:C9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:1D:59 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:1E:78 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:39:69 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:42:89 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:06:64:59 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:06:65:E9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:06:69:99 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:06:6C:D9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:2F:69 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:33:F9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:34:59 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:34:99 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:35:09 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:BB:0B:36:F9 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:36:99 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:44:39 WEP
GPCS 00:0F:C8:00:91:C9 WEP
hakim 00:1F:C4:7B:BE:50 WEP
hieu vo 00:13:46:DE:81:15 WEP
HoangLong 00:18:D1:50:4B:A6 WEP
HollyMah 00:26:91:5D:FF:89 WEP
hotspot_Rogers 00:00:00:00:00:50 WEP
hotspot_Rogers 00:03:52:A4:5B:70 WEP
hotspot_Rogers B4:99:BA:92:7D:50 WEP
indigo_Bell_WiFi 00:1A:70:3E:9C:0F WEP
Indigo_Bell_WiFi D8:C7:C8:E8:38:F0 WEP
Indigo_Bell_WiFi D8:C7:C8:E8:3F:D0 WEP
Indigo_Bell_WiFi D8:C7:C8:E8:56:00 WEP
iRemit`s Network 00:24:01:7C:80:C5 WEP
LDGuest 00:21:D8:7E:48:41 WEP
LDGuest 00:21:D8:7E:67:A1 WEP
LDGuest 8C:B6:4F:A7:58:81 WEP
Lee 00:11:95:55:BC:5D WEP
linksys bil WEP
loccitane 00:15:E9:ED:F0:80 WEP
M-Nail 00:26:5A:CA:C3:F4 WEP
Maksen 00:1C:F0:4F:6B:BE WEP
Marketplace Chapel 00:1D:7E:51:12:9E WEP
McBain Tough Guy 00:0D:88:9A:E1:96 WEP
MM8007 - WEM 00:17:3F:9E:93:2A WEP
OJ Ron3 00:19:E4:08:ED:39 WEP
orchestra 00:18:D1:A1:18:7A WEP
Orchid 3C:EA:4F:01:AD:09 WEP
pjpex3499 00:23:69:24:D4:2A WEP
poswirelessi 00:24:A5:6F:7B:D3 WEP
pyro 00:18:D1:58:DF:50 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:82:80 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:82:82 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:80:00 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:80:02 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:81:C0 WEP
SDMMURALE 80:17:7D:4A:81:C2 WEP
Second Cup 00:03:52:A4:5B:71 WEP
Second Cup B4:99:BA:92:7D:51 WEP
secondcupwem 00:24:01:C9:90:55 WEP
secured 00:21:91:18:EC:DA WEP
ShawOpen 00:08:30:00:D6:91 WEP
ShawOpen 00:08:30:5C:F1:41 WEP
Store118 00:26:5A:02:13:02 WEP
styleamerica 00:18:D1:50:49:99 WEP
Surfco 00:19:5B:D5:A6:A2 WEP
tasteofmed 3C:EA:4F:4D:0C:31 WEP
telus85A 2A:B7:9F:52:47:54 WEP
timestelecom 3C:EA:4F:01:AC:F9 WEP
WEM Coin and Stamp 00:26:91:64:F4:CF WEP
WEMiSphereW 00:0F:BB:0B:33:09 WEP
WS600 00:14:D1:64:E0:E5 WEP
WSK60 00:26:18:C8:07:DC WEP
WUI 00:21:29:65:08:B7 WEP
yogen 00:21:29:7D:E8:F5 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C7:D0 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C9:40 WEP

00:03:52:ED:C6:E0 WEP

00:03:52:ED:CA:70 WEP

00:03:52:ED:DC:90 WEP

00:18:74:D0:EA:A0 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C7:D1 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C7:D2 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C9:41 WEP

00:03:52:EC:C9:42 WEP

00:03:52:ED:C6:E1 WEP

00:03:52:ED:C6:E2 WEP

00:03:52:ED:CA:71 WEP

00:03:52:ED:CA:72 WEP

00:03:52:ED:DC:91 WEP

00:03:52:ED:DC:92 WEP

00:14:A4:0B:D3:F0 WEP

00:0E:58:36:47:53 WEP

00:17:9A:22:C0:28 WEP