Defcon 11


Defcon 11. For me it was the best convention ever, but THE ROAD TRIP FROM HELL

The Lockpick Competition was great fun. Read my account of the competition

The Bucket story. How my rightfully stolen property was stolen!

How we hacked Blackhat. How we snuck into the Blackhat Briefings for free

Alexis park damage pricelist comparison from DC10 and DC11


DC11 pics archive - In no particular order - I must apologize for the poor quality of some of the pics. What do you expect from a $15 digi-cam?


Wardriving contest data (NS Summary export):

Even though there were some strange interpretations in hte rules this year that have lead to the ' Rule' for next year, the contest was great. Did'nt win, but still had fun. Here is the data we collected, in Netstumbler Summary exports (And yes, It's already been uploaded to - Our day-before-the-contest reconnisance (No I did'nt use this file for the contest) - My data from day 1 of the contest (Henderson and East Las Vegas) - My data from day 2 of the contest (Summerlin and west Las Vegas) - My Team-mate Murakami's data from day 2

Random Crap

"Eat cake or die!" - Blue haired woman carrying half a leftover cake(Deaddoll?)

"Your still dry" - Big guy who threw me in the pool at poolcon

Repeated shouts of "Canuckian" from Octalpussy and Siviak

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